CENECA PRODUCCIONES has over twenty-six years in the audiovisual market, has a vast production of feature films, documentaries, educational programs, and programs for broadcast television and cable.
The company has produced and managed international co-productions for fiction feature films, documentaries and television programmes.
Has provided production services to production companies foreign from the united States, Germany, France, Canada and Brazil.
He has also organized workshops for writers with the Goethe institute, Chilean-French Culture and the Cultural Center of Spain.

Productions highlights of the last few years are:


  • Raúl Silva Henríquez-A Cardinal. Directed by Ricardo Larraín.
  • The Last Footprint. Directed by Paola Castillo.
  • A Relationship of Colleagues. Directed by Ignacio Agüero.
  • The Mom of My Grandmother Told My Grandmother. A co-production with Ignacio Agüero.


  • In Bed ( 2005). Directed by Matías Bize. Winner of 40 international awards.
  • The Guest (2005). Directed by Coke Hidalgo.
  • Casi Dos Hermanos (2005). Coproducción. Dirigida por Lucia Murat (Brasil).
  • Dos Perdidos en Una Noche Sucia (2004). Co-production. Directed by José Joffily (Brazil).
  • Forbidden To Forbid (2006). A co-production with El Desierto (Brazil). Directed by: Jorge Durán. 
  • The Life of Fish (2010). A co-production with France. Directed by Matías Bize. Winner of the Goya award for the best Ibero-american film.
  • So Modern Times (2010). A co-production with Lagarto Cine (Argentina). Directed by Simon Franco. Best Director Festival of Mannheim/Heidelberg, 2011.
  • A Memoria que Me Contam (2011). Coproducción con Taiga Filmes (Brasil). Dirigida por Lucia Murat.
  • Romance Policial (2012). A co-production with El Desierto Filmes of Brazil. Directed by: Jorge Durán.
  • Dog's Flesh (2012). Directed by Fernando Guzzoni. A co-production with France and Germany. Prize for New Directors Festival of San Sebastian.
  • The Memory of Water (2015). A co-production with Argentina, Spain and Germany.
  • Private Messages (2021). Directed by Matías Bize. Premiere at the Festival de Málaga 2022.
  • The Punishment (2022). Directed by Matías Bize. A co-production with Argentina.